Mezzanine Partners

Mezzanine partners 1
is an initiative of
PMV & Capital@Rent

  • Management Buy Out

    Cappelle Pigments

    Belgium – March 2013

    The MBO of Cappelle Pigments aimed at bringing back production capacity to Belgium (from China), and to invest in R&D and production efficiency

    Cappelle Pigments was founded by the Cappelle Family back in 1889 and was originally known for their lead chrome and standard organic pigments. Over the years the company evolved and started producing high grade organic pigments, transparent iron oxides & Bismuth Vanadate pigments, which are used in many applications in the ink, coating & plastics industry.

    Mezzanine Partners arranged and underwrote a mezzanine loan for the management buyout of the company by Hans Herpoel and Guy Vanhauteghem in 2013.

  • LBO


    Belgium - July 2016

    Mezzanine finance in support of the acquisition of Decoprint

    Decoprint designs and decorates customized drinking glasses and bottles for breweries and other customers in the beverage and food industry worldwide.

    They also supply promotional articles made of glass, earthenware, porcelain, plastic and metal. Decoprint has a production facility in Belgium and Romania and a commercial office in the Netherlands.

    Mezzanine Partners aranged and underwrote a mezzanine loan for the leveraged buyout of Decoprint for a group of private investors.

  • LBO by Bencis Capital Partners and GIMV XL


    Belgium / The Netherlands – September 2013

    By the equity sponsors Bencis and GIMV XL

    Xeikon is an innovator in digital-printing technology. The company designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses. Xeikon presses utilize LED-array-based, dry-toner electrophotography, open workflow software and application-specific toners.

    Mezzanine Partners acted as mezzanine agent and partially underwrote the mezzanine loan for the buyout of the company by Bencis Capital Partners. Gimv-XL fund invested alongside Bencis as minority shareholder.

  • Growth Mezzanine


    Belgium – October 2013

    Investment program to upscale production capacity and invest in renewable energy

    The Belgian Mylle family is the driving force behind this dynamic potato-processing company. Mydibel processes approximately 2,000 tonnes of potatoes per day into ready-to-consume products: french fries and potato specialities, mashed potato specialities, potato flakes and potato granulates

    Mezzanine Partners arranged and underwrote a mezzanine loan for an investment program to upscale production capacity and invest in renewable energy. Mydibel installed the largest fermenter ever built for the potato-processing industry. The complete waste flows from 3 production factories are processed at the Mydibel site as 100% green electrical and thermal energy.

  • LBO by AAC Capital


    Belgium – March 2015

    By the equity sponsor AAC Capital

    Corilus is a provider of software solutions, eHealth services and total ICT solutions to the healthcare sector in Belgium, where it is the market leader, the Netherlands and France. 

    AAC Capital, a leading Benelux mid-market buyout firm, acquired a majority interest in Corilus B.V., from Fagron N.V., a global pharmaceutical R&D company listed on Euronext Brussels and Euronext Amsterdam.

    Mezzanine Partners 1 arranged and underwrote a mezzanine loan for the acquisition.

  • LBO by Indufin


    Belgium – March 2015

    LBO by Indufin

    Veritas is one of Belgium's oldest retail success stories. The first shop was opened in 1892. Already in the early decades, Veritas developed a new concept by mixing a selection of sewing notions and related products with finished accessories. Today Veritas has over 150 shops in Belgium and Luxembourg.

    Mezzanine Partners underwrote the mezzanine loan for the buyout of the company by Indufin, a private equity investment company owned by Luxempart (a listed investment company in Luxembourg) and De Eik (a private investment company in Belgium).